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Start Date: Feb-05-2008
1,165 days later....
First Flight of N961M: Apr-15-2011
by Mike Andresen

Life sucks.........but not when I'm in my airplane.

What I built:
I built a Van's Aircraft RV-10 from a kit. The kit can be assembled in its entirety using just a pocket knife and roll of duct tape.

IMG_1133_600 (53K)

How to build a RV-10 in 1,148 days:
Follow this time line and you will have a complete airplane in 1,148 days.
Day 0

Day 1,165
First Flight!
See my Constuction Log(left nav bar)for all the gory details of the build.
See Flight Testing in the left nav bar for RV-10 performance.

Where I fly:
My home airport is Mesa, AZ (KFFZ). Here are a couple of pictures of my airplane and where I fly.

Map of my longer trips
(click to enlarge)

Zeke Flying

Camping at Grapevine AZ

Camping at Airventure WI

Over Mazatzal Mtns

Photo by Curt E.

Snow Covered Rim in Payson


Sunrise at Superstition Mtn.

Wow, I built my own airplane...and not like that one I built out of 2x4's when I was a kid. I'll never look at an amateur built airplane the same again - or the builder. Having walked in those shoes, I know with genuine empathy what that builder went through.

The previous airplane I owned was a Piper Dakota(PA28-236) and I thought the RV-10 would have similar gas guzzling capability. But, I was wrong about that. The airplanes are similar in that they both have Lycoming IO-540 engines and weight about the same, but the aerodynamics are drastically different. The RV-10 has a better lift to drag ratio, less overall drag by 125 lbs, is more responsive and is generally more aerodynamic and fuel efficient. On the other hand, the Dakota is much more rugged, does not have doors that rip off if opened in flight and is a super stable IFR platform.

I focused on the build for so long that I didn't anticipate the amount of work involved in being an amateur test pilot. I think I have some pretty good data concerning RV-10 performance and it is all documented on the flight testing page. Choosing a paint scheme and getting the airplane painted was quite a chore too. Now that is all behind me and I can have some fun flying.

Mike Andresen
Builder #: 40812
azcloudflyer at earthlink dot net


The airplane was built in Apache Junction, Arizona which is 35 miles east of Phoenix. Occasionally it gets hot here.


Aircraft Manufacturing Center of Excellence
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